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                    Company profile
                    Jitong Formwork CO,. is domestic research and development according to market demand, specializing in the design, production and marketing integration services businesses operating in the construction template. The company's main products are: Bamboo plastic building templates, plastic bamboo bridge board, building templates pine, eucalyptus building templates, building templates Aspen, Aspen circular construction template, wood building templates, plastic building templates, steel (aluminum) frame construction template, template and aluminum composite construction template. Currently there are Jinan in Shandong province, Qingdao, two Direct points, average daily inventory of more than 30 million square meters, annual sales of over 500 million square meters. Long-term cooperation with Shandong Bridge, Railway Tenth, China Railway 14th Bureau and several major construction companies in the province. Qingdao Railway Station, Jiaozhou Bay Bridge, Jinan Olympic Sports Center, Jinan city overhead and other famous landmarks are made of high-quality templates Sumiyoshi companies.
                    The company in Fujian, Zhejiang, Guangxi, Anhui, Hebei, Jiangsu and other places to build a production base, with the famous wood processing industry leading enterprises to develop agents, technology transfer, new product customization and other forms of cooperation. Bamboo has long been engaged in Fujian and QICHANG Group marketing a variety of products, and actively participate in the company's introduction of technology, new product development and promotion. With their own brand, "Sumiyoshi", "building high"; co-brand "and Qichang," "Ming Tong", "Sanyang", "Ji Sheng"; Acting brand "Guan", "solid and tough" and so on. Different specifications of more than 100 kinds of products, fully meet the needs of the domestic construction companies.
                    Companies adhere to comprehensive, three-dimensional, professional management strategy, uphold the concept of "template building templates Sumiyoshi solution experts" in order to continue to explore the spirit of excellence for our customers to provide professional, high-quality products and to really sincere services.

                    JITONG FORMWORK CO.,LTD  鲁ICP备16030354号-2
                    Add:5,7 No. northbound Licheng District of Jinan City, the first general Huashan Road Huashan District 1 timber market Tel:0531-82318516 Fax:0531-88612262

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